Sunday, March 06, 2005

the lobby of the hotel, materials and colors are nice and modern,Dubai Posted by Hello

the other part of the lobby in our hotel, every thing was shining ,Dubai Posted by Hello

a big mole, with distinguished design and color,Dubai Posted by Hello

i liked this view so much,Dubai Posted by Hello

wow,like you are inside a big exhibition ,with different designs and colors,Dubai Posted by Hello

this was my room in the hotel,it was so beautiful,Dubai Posted by Hello

the view inside our hotel,Dubai Posted by Hello

residential area,with different kind of materials and deigns.Dubai Posted by Hello

like a forest of high buildings. Posted by Hello

building with lot of glass,this is the familiar design in Dubai Posted by Hello

lot of high buildings for hotels or banks Posted by Hello

modern buildings with beautiful architectural designs Posted by Hello

high and modern buildings in Dubai streets Posted by Hello

small cars inside the airport,i liked them. Posted by Hello

inside Dubai airport Posted by Hello

inside Dubai airport Posted by Hello

inside the airport  Posted by Hello

in Dubai airport,queue from different nationalities Posted by Hello

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